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Mutiny Transmissions Podcasts

Feb 12, 2018

Stage Tales is a storytelling show, hosted by Jim Norris, that discusses the crazy, off-putting, often times hard to reflect on stories from rock and roll.


His guests this month include Johnny Barber, known as Velvet Elvis and stand up comedian, actor and enemy of Roseanne from Last Comic Standing, Ben Kronberg. Be...

Feb 5, 2018

Queen City Companion, the all false storytelling show, hosted by Christie Buchele, was jam packed January 4th, with talented folks from the worlds of comedy, poetry, music and acting. Episode 4 contains pieces from the following artists . . .

Kate Wintz

Rachel Weeks

Jordan Doll

Claire Heywood

Ron Doyle 


Jan 30, 2018

Hello Denver, Are You Still There? is a live podcast hosted by Bree ‘Coco’ Davies at Mutiny Information Cafe every fourth Thursday of the month.

This months guests include Julie Gonzales, Kayvan Khalatbari, Risa White and Saira for Congress. 

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Jan 22, 2018

Queen City Companion is that all false storytelling show everyone is talking about. Host Christie Buchele brings a group of Denver creatives together to make up a batch of stories that might make you wonder if the story is made up at all.

She was joined live at Mutiny Info Cafe with

Alan Goode 
Jovan Mays

Jan 8, 2018

Stage Tales is the storytelling panel that discusses all the weird that is rock and roll. Host Jim Norris, along with guests Lucas Schmaltz of King Rat, Andy Juett, and James ‘Sharpie’ McElry. The four swap stories on getting an artist a plastic spoon when you can’t cook crack with a plastic spoon, flying 1st...